Texas A&M Twitter Saga

I went to bed last night thinking about my first post in awhile. I haven't done anything since January, yeah I'm active on Twitter and just started putting a podcast together (more on that later), but writing about sports has gotten away from me. The thought was to write about the raining down of 3's in the Cleveland shalacking of Atlanta, but then I saw on my feed, ESPN, and other sports outlets discussing Texas A&M.

The logical thought was that our good friend Johnny "Football" was back in the news for something ridiculous, instead it was because of tweets sent out by a receivers coach that may have cost A&M a few good men. 

Yeah, we're shocked it wasn't you too Johnny.

The series of tweets came after a highly touted and ranked QB decided to decommit from the Aggies in search of someplace he felt was better for his future. You know, a logical reason for switching schools. After this was released the WR Coach Aaron Moorhead sent out a cryptic tweet about "loyalty" and what it means. Here it is:

He wen't on in a seperate tweet claiming he did not know of the QB news and wasn't referencing it while still ending it with the hashtags (#Relevanttho and #stillnoloyalty). This caught the attention of No. 181 overall player and now former A&M WR recruit Mannie Netherly's attention, which prompted his response: 

In only a few hours Texas A&M lost two top 300 recruits, and one of them was because of a coaches tweets. You know, the thing all coaches and administrators tell players not to use to express frustration. It's crazy to me that even after all these years of seeing the repercussions a single 140 character message can have that some people just don't know when to not hit send. In the grand scheme of things losing these two players probably won't make a difference in the programs overall performance, but who know's maybe the just lost the next legendary QB/WR duo.

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