Does This Look Like A Franchise Star?

The Raptors came away with a game 2 win last night in overtime despite it's best efforts not to. It's not often that you see a team shoot 41.9% from the field and 53.8 % from the free throw line and walk away with the victory, especially when the other team shoots almost 50%.

One of the key's to Toronto's post-season run is suppose to be the play of DeMar DeRozan who shot a nice 9-24 from the field and a measly 2-8 from the free throw line. THAT'S RIDICULOUS! This guy is suppose to be an all star talent, a future franchise cornerstone, THE GUY!. He can't hit a free throw with the game on the line. If I'm a GM looking to sign a big free agent this summer I don't know if I want to spend $25 million a season on him (I'm looking at you Lakers).

The numbers really say it all:

DeRozan isn't a high percentage shooter and if I am giving him  or anyone for that matter a max contract, I want someone I know can close games out, hit that contested three or take charge on the final possesion. None of which I've seen from him. Last night alone the Raptors had Lowry close out the game in the 4th Quarter when it was tied and 10.5 seconds left, but instead of looking to drive, he chose a deep contested three. If DeRozan is "the guy" and I would consider him a better shooter than Lowry at this point, then why wasn't he taking the last shot and putting his stamp on the series? Instead we were left with another lackluster performance and further proof that DeRozan shies away from the spotlight.

He has 20 games under his belt in the playoffs and when I see a 36.5% FG percentage, thats going to throw up some red flags. What is it about the post-season that gets to him? When you average 6-7% less on your FG's that's odd. He isn't taking a larger number of shots or anything else, it's the same game being played in May and June that was taking place in January and February.  If Toronto has any chance of making some sort of run and maybe even challenging Cleveland in the Eastern Conference Finals, they are going to need their star, THE GUY.

 I know it sounds like I am harping on DeMar, he's a very good player don't get me wrong, but just remember the numbers this summer and really think as a fan or GM...

Does this look like a franchise star?

Maybe...just maybe

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