There's a Chip in the Bay Area

The 49ers have jumped into the head coaching pool and officially announced that Chip Kelly will be tabbed as their new H.C. and I for one am not that surprised. I mean Chip is a West coast kind of guy. The bright lights, the salty air and the fact he is teaming up with Tom Gamble. Those of you who don't know who Gamble is, he is the guy that worked in Philly when Chip was first brought in that really connected with the idea and philosophy he had. After one season though Howie Roseman decided to get rid of Gamble and therefore starting the spiral the Eagles are now in.

First off, Chip Kelly should be happy that he actually is getting the chance to be a head coach again.

I figured he would at least have to wait a year before getting the chance to be "the guy" somewhere, especially after how everything ended for him this year with cries of racism and dictatorship type control required. Instead, he gets put into a situation that could end up bringing him back to the top of the coaching tier.

The 49ers had a rough season to put it bluntly, but the thought of Kelly using his up-tempo offense with a guy like Kaepernick is mouth watering to San Francisco fans and those that just like the up-tempo style. Now I get it, most fans will say, "but we have Blaine Gabbert", if you are one of those fans you don't know anything. Gabbert had a few good games, but he is not a franchise guy and will never be that guy. The best hope is Kaepernick and no one and I mean no one can be happier than him right now. I expect to see a bunch more plays like this..... 

Overall, I think it is a good hire and even though I am an unhappy Eagles fan because our front office has no clue what they are doing, I am happy for Chip. He seemed to never have a shot in Philly after game 1 of this year with all the media and player backlash he was facing. Maybe the Cali laid back vibe will be good for him. Best of luck Chip, maybe do us Philly fans a solid and cut a few top players just for old times sake.

That's my stance, let me know yours