Redraft Hero IDP Hero and Villain: Week 14

The NFL is winding down and that means only a few more hero's and villains can be crowned. This week we got to see the AFC playoff picture get flipped on it's head. The Patriots were the #3 seed only a week ago behind the Broncos and Bengals, but that all changed when both of those teams backup quarterbacks couldn't provide much offense. The Broncos have been doing well without Peyton except for this week, the Bengals though have to get use to life without Andy Dalton as he fractured his thumb and may be out for the rest of the season.

That is something we will have to wait to find out and see over the next three weeks. Let's take a look at this past weekend though and see who stepped up and who let everyone down.

Villain: This week we have a first for the IDP villain, and that is an entire team is getting the award. I know, usually it's who let you down the most individually hence the IDP moniker (Individual Defensive Player). Instead, this week one team really let people down especially those who are fans of one team in the AFC South. That's right the Indianapolis Colts defense as a whole is this week's Redraft IDP Villain for Week 14. The reason is plain and simple, they gave up 51 points to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Let me repeat that, they gave up 51 points to the JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS!

That is the team everyone use to anticipate putting 50+ points up, not the other way around and to make matters worse, the Jags are now only a game out of first.  I mean the Colts looked comfortable in the first half yielding only 9 points, but gave up a whopping 42 points in the second half of the game. That is not one guy letting you down, that is an entire team and that is unacceptable. That is why they are the first team to be crowned the IDP Villain.

Hero:  The hero this week has been a villain in the past and has decided to redeem himself. Not only did this guy redeem himself, but he did it in such convincing fashion he also jumped himself from 9th to 1st in sacks for the league. The reason why? He recored five sacks this weekend and put his team on his back. That is why Khalil Mack is this weeks IDP Hero for week 14. I mean did you see him on Sunday against Denver? If not, you missed a show because it looked like Mack was a one man wrecking crew. Did Denver even have someone trying to stop him? Seriously I am asking, because if they did, they might want to reconsider playing that guy the rest of the season.

Mack this year has been kind of up and down, but has shown that he can be a dominant defensive player and a star for years to come. Other times he looks almost lost on the playing field reminding everyone that he is still only in his second season. This weekend though was not one of those games he looked lost. In fact he looked right at home every time he sacked Brock Osweiller to the ground. Hopefully for Raiders fans that means Mack has finally figured it all out and now it's just time to watch his defensive numbers grow. Either way he deserved to be the Hero this week.

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