Redraft Hero Besy Buys: Week 16

Dashing through the snow in a JJ Watt pulled sleigh, all over the field he goes, laughing all the way...ha ha ha. Happy Holidays everyone, I am here to give you the gift of Best Buys for another week. The past few weeks everything has gone well, most of my choices have been able to come through and produce. The picks I gave out last week alone scored 35.4 points, which averages out to about 7 points per player. This week I hope to match that average or exceed the point total. So let's HO, HO, HOVER down to the Best Buys and see who this week's picks are....

DE: As I said above, "Dashing through the snow in a JJ Watt pulled sleigh" the man is a beast and even with a broken hand he is still a force to be reckoned with on the field. Watt may be on the nice list off the field, but when he steps on it that guy is as bad as they get. He is going to cost a nice $5800 this week, yeah $5800 for JJ Watt, sounds good to me. He is averaging 12 fppg, which is among the top for DE's so pick him up and watch him try and match his 24 points that he put up last time against Tennessee, and that was with Mariota.

DT: The Carolina Panthers may be undefeated, but they still have something to play for this weekend because the Cardinals still only have 2 losses, which means they still have a shot at the No.1 seed. The Panthers and Kawann Short are going to do everything they can to repeat Week 14's performance, where by halftime the starters were all but resting. He is $6100 and averaging 7.9 fppg so he is sporting a lofty average for a DT. I roll with Short for the second week in a row.

LB: I don't know who came out with the pricing but, Merry Christmas, Happy Festivus and Chanukkah to everyone. Sean Lee who many considered was snubbed out of the Pro Bowl this year will take only $4900 for your roster. He is averaging 8.8 fppg and a nice 10.8 fppg over his last three games alone. Pick him up and don't event think about it.

CB: After all the holiday fun and Sunday of family, friends, and football, there will still be one game left to play in Denver. The Broncos and Bengals square off, in the game that probably decides the No. 2 seed in the AFC. Aqib Talib will be on the field facing a backup QB not known for his arm strength. Talib has had a nice year, but struggled over the past 5-6 weeks in producing points. I think he is due for a big game and no better time than primetime. Averaging 5.4 fppg he will cost you $5700 and I think he outperforms that cost and then some.

S: The costliest pick, but still not breaking the bank pick is Mark Barron of the Rams. The guy has been as consistent as they come this year in IDP leagues. He has produced less than 7 points in a game since week 7 of the season. He cost $6700, but averages 8.3 fppg so he is still a value play to me for what you will be getting in return.

That's my stance, let me know yours

Happy Holidays to everyone. Have fun, be safe, and remember what's most important, the family and friends you spend your time with.

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