The Friday Fan Stance

Calling All Sports Fans.....

I want to try something new with my blog and I need your help. When I started “The Sports Stance” it was out of the fact that I am a die hard sports fan and I wanted a place where I could discuss all sports and make my stance on them and hear other people's opinions.

That’s where you the “Fan” come in. I want to start a weekly column where people send in their stance on sports in anyway they want. I want to hear your stance on whats happened during the week and what you think could happen going into the weekend in all sports.

Throughout the week I will collect the different entries people send in. It can be a tweet about your thoughts on an upcoming game, blog entry on a team or topic in sports, a meme of something sports related, a picture of you wearing your teams jersey or from a sporting event, a song or cheer that you want others to hear about sports. It can be anything as long as sports are involved. I just want it to be your stance. 

I will call it the “Friday Fan Stance” and I hope it is something that really takes off. It gives me the opportunity to see how other people feel on sports and it gives you "the fan" a chance at having your stance seen, heard, or watched.

So let me hear your stance on sports. The bigger it gets the more your voice will be heard.

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Look for the first official Friday Fan Stance coming soon!