Redraft Hero Best Buys: Week 12

Thanksgiving is over and that means it is time to start making your way out to the store or going online trying to find the best deals possible. Usually, it is first come first served to get the best deals possible, but not here. I am going to give you some "Best Buys" for your IDP contest needs this week. I am talking about some real low cost players guaranteed to have a great week. Now when I say guaranteed I really mean I hope for both our sakes that I am right.

Turkey day gave us a mouthful of great defensive performances from guys like Luke Keuchly who had two interceptions and one returned for a touchdown. It also left a bad taste in some fans mouths, especially those who were hoping the Eagles wouldn't get mauled by the Lions. Calvin Johnson on Thanksgiving though, he is unstoppable and was again yesterday recording three touchdown receptions in the absolutely demolishing of the Eagles 45-14. The Eagles defense as a whole looked like they have given up on the season and Chip Kelly, and only time will tell if either one of those can get turned around.

Onto this week's best buys though and hopefully most of you can have better success in your IDP contests than the Eagles, Cowboys, and Packers defenses seemed to on Thursday.

DE: Last week's villain is looking to turn it around and become this weeks hero. Carlos Dunlap is primed to have a big game against a Rams offense that has no been able to put anything productive together as of late. Dunlap is suppose to be one of the top DE's in the game and at times he has looked it this season posting three games of 11 plus points. Meanwhile, he has also looked down right terrible having three games 2 points or under. Costing you only $4500 and averaging a nice 7.83 fppg still puts Dunlap in the top 10 for defensive ends. Take the gamble, for the price and potential it really can't be beat.

DT: After finally waking up from the food coma Thanksgiving no doubt put them in, the defensive tackles should be ready to go to work come Sunday. This week I am going with Gerald McCoy out of Tampa Bay, who started off this year on a hot streak recording 8+ points in 4 out of 5 games. He then cooled off dramatically, up until last week in Philly where he got 9.5 points. The offensive line in Indianapolis is spotty and with Hasselback at the helm, McCoy won't have to deal with a mobile QB like Luck. Pick him up while he is still cheap at $5300, while he is only averaging 5.62 fppg, it seems like he may be turning a corner and trying to finish the season strong.

LB: Oh you want a good linebacker this weekend? Doesn't everyone? Well I give the people want they want and this week your best option is coming from the Brady v. Mann....Oswieiler matchup. A game that has completely taken on a whole new outlook with Peyton Manning riding the bench with planter fasciitis. That means the Denver defense is going to have to do even more than usual, because the God of New England is coming to town. The guy that really needs to step up is Brandon Marshall, he has been great throughout the year for Denver, but he really needs to take his game to the next level come Sunday night. He will cost $5900, which is a steal seeing as he is averaging 9.28 fppg and a top 15 LB for the weekend. Expect him to get a few chances at swatting balls away while covering Gronkowski, which makes him even more valuable as a play this weekend.

CB: Did anyone else see Josh Norman shut down Dez Bryant on Thanksgiving? That was just impressive and I wish he was available this weekend because no matter what the price Norman is the Best Buy at CB. Of course, he isn't available so we need to look elsewhere to find that corner QB's go after, but may regret. Look no further than the Pittsburgh v. Seattle game this weekend to find that cornerback. The Steelers have plenty of offensive weapons, especially with the return of Martavis Bryant. The Seahawks have Richard Sherman shutting down one side of the field leaving Cary Williams the responsibility to shutdown the majority of passes. Williams has been a nice compliment and should see plenty of action his way this weekend. He will only cost you $5100 and averaging 5.82 fppg. This weekend he should see a lot of action making him a quality play. 

S:  The safety spot has evolved from big hitters to ball hawks and that is what Landon Collins will be doing a lot of this weekend against the Giants division rival Washington Redskins. The Giants secondary hasn't been great this year, but Collins has been a bright spot putting up 6 points or more in every game except one. He comes in at a friendly cost of $5000 and averaging 6.55 fppg. That should see a bit of an uptick because I predict Collins will at least pick off one Kurt Cousins pass. Why? Well Cousins has thrown an interception in 6 out of 10 games and in his previous matchup against the Giants he threw 2 interceptions. He is a strong play in a crowded safety field and my best buy for Week 12.

That is my stance, let me know yours.

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