Gronk and Suh:The Big Kids in the NFL

If you haven't seen the new Nike commercial called "Snow Day" check it out below:

It is awesome, and reminds everyone of what it was like as a kid when you woke up to see the ground covered white, knowing you didn't have to go to school that day. Even better was the casting of Rob Gronkowski as the main focal point. Gronk is literally a big kid and Nike could not have done a better job.

The commercial also does a great job at showing off some of Nike's talent that normally doesn't get the spotlight.

Of course, the main question asked in this ad is: Who wins? Team Gronk or Team Suh, let's break these teams down:

Team Gronk- Rob Gronkowski, Ben Roethlisberger, Eric Weddle, Eddie George, Odell Bechkam Jr, Lesean McCoy, Antonio Brown, Luke Keuchly, Paula Findlay, Carli Lloyd, and Marlen Esparza.

That team is stacked with NFL talent along with a few other usable pieces, but seriously whoever made these teams definitely didn't think about even matchups.

Team Suh-Ndamukong Suh, Marcus Mariota, A.J. Green, Draymond Green, Steven Stamkos, Lauren Fisher, Elena Della Donne, Eugenie Bouchard, Sydney Leroux

Suh has way to many girls on his team (no offense ladies), but seriously too many. How can he expect any of them to try and match up against guys like McCoy and Bechkam. Ankles will be broken all over the place.

Overall, Gronk's team clearly has an advantage and with Suh wanting to play tackle, you can expect his team to be done playing after the first 10 minutes.

Next time Nike just make the teams a little more even.