Week 7 DraftKings

I have been on a roll with my picks in Draftkings and despite all the publicity about cheating the system, it hasn't bothered me in the least. As long as I am in the positive every weekend it's all the same to me. With that out of the way here are my picks for this week in Draftkings.

QB: Cam Newton, Panthers $6,600

Newton is playing a pretty decent defense in the Eagles this week but I dont think that will matter. Did anyone expect this kind of season from Cam? I mean his only real threat is Greg Olsen and they don't have any receivers to speak of with Devin Funchess their top pick not playing well and Kelvin Benjamin out for the season. Despite all these potential issues Cam has been nothing short of MVP caliber this season. Just take last weekend for example going against the Seahawks at their vaunted 12th man staduim against the Legion of Boom. The Seahawks have had Cam's number the last few years shutting him down with ease, however that all changed last week. Cam went 20 for 36 for 256 a pass touchdown and a rushing touchdown including a beautiful go ahead touchdown in the 4th quarter to Greg Olsen. I expect him to do something similar against the Eagles and have another MVP caliber game.

RB: Todd Gurley, Rams $5,000
After starting the year injured Gurley has come on incredibly strong in the last two weeks including running for 146 at Arizona and 159 at Green Bay. Both teams boast strong defenses and for Gurley to put up numbers agaoinst them I think he will continue that this week against a Browns defense that is extremely weak against the run.

RB: Chris Ivory, Jets $5,800
Ivory is currently in the running for best running back in the league this year with Freeman and Bell. At a bargain price of $5,800 how can you not pick up the Jets running back especially against a weak Patriots defense. The way to beat the Patriots is to run the ball, run the clock, and keep the ball out of Brady's hand leading to a potential large amount of touches for Ivory. Add in the fact that Ivory has been hot the last two weeks with at least 25 points and he's a must draft.

WR: Martavis Bryant, Steelers $4,700
This is the performance that I think everyone expected from him this year. Finally after weeks of waiting for him to get healthy Bryant exploded for 6 receptions, 137 yards, and 2 touchdowns. I personally think this will continue next week regardless of who plays at quarterback between Big Ben and Landry Jones. Against a weak Kansas City team as well that struggles against the pass I really think that Bryant will continue to explode on the scene. Look out for him later as well as he continues to get healthy and as Big Ben comes back to throw the ball all over the field.

WR: Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals $7,400
Now as you have probably noticed I am a huge Fitzgerald fan and have picked him the last few weeks with at least 15 points each time. He continues to play with a renewed sense of youth and like we have come to expect from him in years past. However he hasn't produced like he did against the 49ers and the Bears. I think that Baltimore might provide the right opportunity for Fitzgerald to once again explode for some points.

WR: DeAndre Hopkins, Texans $8,600
I normally am not for picking the players that are this expensive but considering the Madden style numbers Hopkins is putting up I can't help but pick him. Hopkins has had at least 27 points in every single game at least one which is remarkable. Even though the Texans have had quarterback troubles both Hoyer and Mallet have shown a chemistry with Hopkins more so than any of the other recievers and is their top weapon. Against a defense in Miami that is struggling I think that Hopkins will continue to produce in a big way.

TE: Antonio Gates, Chargers $5,000
Gates is the favorite target of Rivers and has been for years. Ever since returning back after suspension he has had 9 receptions each game and 90+ yards each game as well. With the Chargers seemingly abandoning the run and deciding that running an air raid system is the way to win games really any receiver for the chargers will do well. However Gates has a talent for not only catching lots of balls but also for finding the end zone. For that reason I think that Gates will be the best option this weak at the position.

Flex: Rishard Mathews, Dolphins $4,900
This is for sure my riskiest pick, with me not really sure if Mathews is gonna be any good. Mathews has had a very boom or bust season fantasy wise with two games of above 20 points and 3 below 15. However there are a couple factors that make me think that Mathews might be worth the flier on, the first being that Kenny Stills is still hobbled with a back injury. The second reason is that Mathews led the team in targets and the Dolphins are facing the 24th best pass defense in Houston.

D/ST: Rams, $2,400
Now picking a defense and special teams is in a way guess work as you have to pick a team with potential to return a kick that's facing a poor offense. The rams have both this week with a dangerous returner in Tavon Austin and facing a poor Browns offense that shouldn't be able to hold up against the rams defensive line.