The MLB Needs a Win Tonight

Tonight, both the ALCS and NLCS could end, which if your Mets and Royals fans would be great for you and your respective franchises. Both teams would have time to rest up for the start of the World Series next Tuesday and getting their pitching rotation lined up. If your the MLB though, it is the worst case scenario for you the league as a whole.

The Cubs or Blue Jays need to win tonight, plain and simple because without a win by either team the MLB faces having to go six days without any postseason baseball. That is a nightmare for any league that is in their biggest time of the year. October is where baseball is king and is the main storyline. If they go six days without any games being played, people will lose interest it's a guarantee.

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In all honesty the MLB is hoping the Blue Jays win tonight because that would mean a trip back to Kansas City for game 6 on Friday. This gives them only three days without baseball, which is much easier to bear considering the fact the weekend will be dominated by football coverage anyway. If the Blue Jays can keep it interesting everything should be alright, if the Cubs want to try and win a game or two all the better for everyone involved, especially the poor Cubs fans who believed this was the year because of "Back to the Future".

If neither teams does end up winning the next six days will be hard to deal with, I myself will even admit as an adamant baseball fan it will be tough listening to analysis and predictions instead of watching teams battle it out on the diamond.

That's just my stance. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.