Redraft Hero IDP Best Buy - Week 5

Alright, it's been four weeks into the NFL season and your trying to figure out what defensive studs and sleepers you should be picking in your next IDP weekly contest. Well, I am here to help you navigate through all the players and their pricing and help you pick the best buys for this week by giving you someone at each position you should consider taking in this week's contest.

Best Buy:

DE - Defensive end's are the guy's who are suppose to have the motor that never stops and Ezekiel Ansah is a guy that never quits. He is the force on the Detroit Lions line this year and has been averaging 10.6 fppg and for only $6500 on Redraft Hero he is a steal. His lowest scoring game was 4.5 fppg against Denver, but then came back with a huge performance against Seattle and the ever elusive Russell Wilson by putting up 17.3 fppg. Expect another big week as Ansah and the Lions take on the Arizona Cardinals who are a pass heavy team. I expect a sack or two from him against the not so mobile Carson Palmer.

DT - Let's look at the big boys in the middle. The run stoppers, the double-team takers, the guys who can easily out eat any of us. The men in the middle have a tough job and have to battle it out in the trenches. That's why I'm going with tried and true performer Gerald McCoy from Tampa Bay valued at $7800. He is a little pricey but is one of the only DT that live up to it averaging 7.2 fppg. This is the biggest expense in your lineup this week, but when he is going against a Jacksonville offensive line that isn't outstanding you will be thankful he's on your side.

LB - The key pieces on most team are the linebackers. The outside guys rush, while the middle linebackers worry about runs up the middle and playing zone pass coverage.  The guy this week that can do all of that for you is CJ Mosley of the Baltimore Ravens priced at $7000 and averaging 11.8 fppg. With Terrell Suggs out for the year it will be up to Mosley the second year linebacker to step it up and take control of that defense. He faces a Cleveland team still trying to figure themselves out, so look for him to take advantage and be flying all over the field.

CB - The Cornerbacks position is the one that is a true guessing game because the stars aren't the biggest point getters. Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis don't get enough opportunities to make the plays since QB's try to throw away from them. In cases like that you need to look at who offers the most upside and this week that is Adam Jones or as most of you know him Pacman Jones. He is $4500 this week and facing a Seattle team that doesn't have elite receivers, plus with his returning duties you never know when he could break one off for a TD. Overall, he is having a good year averaging 8.4 fppg, for that position and it's up and downs week-to-week Jones is about as solid a guy you can get.

S - Last but not least are the safeties, the guys who play ball hawk and are the enforcers of the secondary. We've seen how important these guys are just by this past Monday Night Football game when Kam Chancellor saved Seattle by causing a fumble. The illegal battled ball that happened after that occurred had nothing to do with Chancellor, but it shows the impact this position can have. My pick this week is Malcolm Jenkins of the Eagles costing $7200 and averaging 10.1 fppg. This guy has been doing it all in the secondary even playing nickel corner, which shoots up his chances for tackles through the roof. He is pricey for the position, but your going to get your money's worth and more.

If these guys are in your lineup you should be going into week 6 with a W. That's just my stance.