Farewell Don Orsillo

This Sunday in Cleveland, Ohio one of the best play by play announcers in Red Sox history will end his career with Boston and move out west to start a new one with the Padres.

Don Orsillo has been at the helm for Red Sox TV broadcast since the 2001 season after spending five years in Pawtucket calling games for the Triple A affiliate. We as fans have come to know Don, the guy that grew up in Melrose, Mass. and dreamed of one day being a broadcaster for his favorite team and eventually achieved that goal. He is intelligent, quick witted, and friendly making fans of the Red Sox and baseball feel like there buddy was hanging out with them calling the game.

Now our buddy is leaving and heading out west because of a bad breakup. NESN has decided they no longer wish to continue their relationship with Orsillo, but never really gave a reason why. The majority believe that the President of NESN and Orsillo just don't get along and the network figured with his contract ending after this season it was the right time to make a change. Even that was and still is a little hard to buy because no offense to Jerry Remy and his playing/broadcasting career with the Red Sox but, Orsillo was the reason people watched the broadcast. Remy for the most part doesn't travel because of his health so Orsillo constantly had new partners to work with and never missed a beat. He took everything in stride and I believe is one of the better play by play broadcasters in the league.

All I have ever known is Don Orsillo as the broadcaster for the Red Sox. It wasn't until about eight years ago I could watch Red Sox games consistently (I lived in NJ my whole life until college) and enjoyed listening to the NESN broadcast because they didn't just talk baseball, but personal stories and other events going on in their lives. I mean, I will never forget the countless laughs Orsillo provided for me in the booth, whether it was from him telling Remy about fashion trends or breaking down when a piece of pizza was thrown at a fan during a foul ball attempt. He just had a way of making everyone feel comfortable and that is why so many fans are sad to see him go.

I will miss hearing him when I turn on the games and am glad I was able to attend the last game he announced at Fenway. Being apart of the crowd that chanted... "Don Or-sil-lo" - a moment Orsillo said "I will take to my grave" in Gordon Edes piece on him.

In the end, NESN handled the situation poorly and Orsillo like a true gentlemen has kept quiet and is moving on. We as fans will truly miss him. San Diego your getting one great broadcaster that I am sure will be heard over decades.

Goodbye and Good Luck Don, Red Sox Nation will miss you.