Serena's Grand Slam Chase

Serena Williams started her chase for the full season grand slam yesterday at the U.S. Open by having an easy match that went one and a half sets. She lost only five points to Vitalia Diatchenko who ended up retiring after hurting her left ankle. It wouldn't have mattered though if she finished the match or not because this is the year of Serena.

I am not a huge tennis fan and I don't watch the majority of the majors except for a few sets here and there. I do know a few things though and one of them is that Serena Williams is having arguably her best year and one of the best years in tennis history. She is 49-2 this year and withdrew three times that means she has won 96% of the matches she has played in. That is an outstanding number and there is nothing that makes it appear she will slow down anytime soon. Even at the age of 33 when most players start to lose a step it seems that Serena is actually getting better, which is a scary thought for her competition.

Even when she gets down a few sets, it seems that Serena flicks a switch and she takes over the match completely. This U.S. Open won't be any different especially after the top seeds on her side of the bracket had some shocking upsets on day 1 of the tournament. This gives her a wide open lane to the finals, but she'll have to make sure she doesn't trip herself up along the way and become to relaxed. Serena thrives on high intensity and can get a little angry as seen here:

As long as she keeps that kind of attitude up and under control she will have no issue completing the grand slam and cap off one of the most dominant seasons in tennis. All I can say is it doesn't take a tennis expert to realize that Serena has asserted herself as one of the best female athletes of all time and I can't wait to see if she completes the grand slam in these next two weeks. 

That's just my stance.