Radiogate? Really?

Last night we had the first game of the NFL season between the Patriots and Steelers. If you didn't watch the game and figured you would catch the highlights this morning, well you were wrong. Instead you along with everyone else was stuck listening to ESPN and all other sports networks discuss interference on the Steelers headsets.

"Radiogate" is what the networks have already dubbed it and it follows the "Spygate" and "Deflategate" nicknames all the other Patriots scandals have had. The issue was apparently that the Steelers coaches were picking up the radio broadcast of the Patriots for the majority of the 1st quarter. Mike Tomlin complained and officials had to enforce rules to create an even playing field by having the Patriots turn off their headsets until the issue was fixed. It is rumored that every time an NFL employee would go to retrieve the headsets the Steelers would stop having issues, only to begin again once the employee left the Patriots sideline. Eventually this was all resolved and even Bill Belichick said they had their own issues with the headsets at time.

I don't know about you but this all getting ridiculous to me. If every time the Patriots play and something minor or major occurs that could involve some form of cheating I may go crazy. Mainly because I know that the sports coverage for the next few days will be nothing, but speculation and naming whatever it is something "gate". I am not a Patriots fan by any means but even I feel kind of bad for them. It seems that until Bill Belichick is gone and Tom Brady is retired we wont hear the end of any of the "gates" or future potential ones such as now "Radiogate". So let me just say what everyone else is thinking.

Shut up about the if's and maybes of what the Patriots could have done and stick to the facts. The NFL controls the headsets if there was an issue it is their fault. Last night we had a somewhat close game that saw Rob Gronkowski catch 3 TD'S and the Steelers new kicker Josh Scobee shank his first two FG attempts of the year (probably why you don't see kickers traded often).  The first game is in the books and first controversery has already started. Hopefully this will all be put to bed quickly and we can move on to what hopefully will be a fun and exciting season for one and all.

That's just my stance.