College Football is Back

Today is the day many die hard fans have been waiting for, its college game day! Rejoice one and all, meaningful football is back and here to stay until February. College football is one of those special sports and is kind of it's own professional sports league that has home teams literally in everyones backyards. Okay, maybe not literally in your backyards but I bet most of you have a college football team located within 25-50 miles which, in my opinion is your backyard. I live in the Boston area and I have Harvard, B.C., and UMass (they play a lot at Gillette Stadium and Foxboro is only about 35 miles from me) That's three teams close to me that if I wanted I could go watch on a Saturday afternoon and I would still be home no later than five or six at night.

Anyway as I was saying college football is its own thing. It has it's own aura and what makes it great is that the players are playing for one thing and one thing only, each other. In the pro's everyone is looking out for themselves and that next big contract. Of course, the big money guys can say they play for their teammates but lets be honest thats only because they are already the highest paid guys. Not in college though, the players play for their teammates, the fans, and the school nothing more and nothing less.

It gives us great moments like the band on the field, or Doug Flutie's Hail Mary, and even third string QB's taking down the top two teams in the nation to lead his school to a national championship (I'm looking at you Cardale Jones). It's a game we all know, yet it's somehow different than professional football. Everyone seems more passionate about the teams they root for in college. The traditions, pageantry, and fight songs it all comes together to create a memorable experience for everyone that partakes. This year will be no different and I can't wait for it to get started tonight with some big games.

This year we have the second season of the "college football playoffs" I am putting my picks below, let me know if you agree or disagree and why in the comments. My Picks are as follows:

1. TCU- Going to run the Big 12 table with Boykin leading the way.
2. Ohio St.- Big Ten isn't easy this year, but Urban Meyer will navigate through like always.
3. Georgia- Obligator SEC team and I just don't see Alabama having the talent this year.
4. Notre Dame- Surprise pick needs to be undefeated or loss only once as an Independent

That's my stance let me know what you think.