Is Deflategate Over Yet?

Deflategate, at this point everyone and their mother has heard the word Deflategate at least once since January when the debacle between the NFL and Tom Brady started. This week though everyone thought maybe just maybe we were finally going to get an answer to the Deflategate question of would Tom Brady be suspended four games, two games, or no games. Instead we had a judge tell two groups of grown men to figure out. The same two sides that have been going back and forth since January, this judge believes can somehow come to an agreement in two weeks.  I think this is ridiculous, mainly because at this point if they haven’t figured it out they are never going too. Judge Berman should make a decision and stand by it no matter what the media, NFL, Brady, or fans say. I mean I live in Massachusetts and am not a Patriots fan so the longer this goes on the more I have to hear this on a weekly basis: 

 *This actually happened at the Zac Brown Band Concert at Fenway on multiple occasions

Even with the annoyance of Patriot fans all around me I do have to say I agree with them that Brady should not be suspended for four games. The fact that the rallying cry for the fans is “Free Brady” does irk me though because he’s not in jail. He’s at home with his attractive, extremely wealthy wife and kids and is still able to practice and play in pre-season games. That’s beside the point though; all he did was let some air out of a football “maybe”. The NFL has no proof and are pulling at strings when saying his cellphone must have held the information they needed. At this point the NFL and specifically Roger Goodell should work on clean up patrol. If Brady ends up having his games reduced or completely dismissed it would be another decision that Goodell made that ended up being changed. The other high profile cases such as Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, and Ray Rice all had their original punishment's reduced after people outside of Goodell reviewed the cases. Those other cases though, involved actions that in society are considered criminal, no one in a recreation football league is going to get angry over someone having an under-inflated or overinflated football and report him or her to the police or make them appear in front of a judge. If they do then I would get out of that league and maybe stick to fantasy football.

I think everyone should agree to disagree and just move on from the entire situation. The NFL and Brady’s camp are not going to come to an agreement; Brady has supposedly said in private that he will not agree to any settlement that involves a suspension. The NFL should probably agree to this request given the fact that as I said earlier they have no proof, Judge Berman knows they have no proof and the NFLPA knows they have no proof.  Give Brady a 50k fine and suspend him the first series of the opening game if the NFL and Goodell want to keep a little pride. Otherwise, let’s be done with Deflategate because I don’t know about you but I want less focus on air pressure in footballs and more focus on players trying to stop and score touchdowns, but that’s just my stance.